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One Rare Condition Changes Your Whole Perspective

For a patient with a rare disease, the journey can be long and frustrating, and the costs staggering. A correct diagnosis can take years. And more than 50% of rare-condition patients are children, so managing a complex condition takes a toll on the whole family.

Your Plan’s Financial Risk Is Real

The skyrocketing costs of medication to treat rare conditions could be catastrophic for your plan. With prevalence on the rise, and new therapies being introduced, the risk is high that your plan may suddenly need to cover one of these medications for an employee or plan member.

30 million people in the U.S. are living with a rare condition4 — equivalent to the number battling diabetes.5 While significant resources have been devoted to conditions like diabetes, the market still lacks adequate solutions for rare conditions.

A new solution from Express Scripts SafeGuardRx®

To Deliver Care for the Rare Without Compromise

There’s an unprecedented opportunity to improve care and reduce costs for rare conditions now, before it’s too late. The SafeGuardRx suite of solutions, which combines specialized care with value-based strategies, has proven that you can put the right care within reach and limit your plan’s financial exposure.

Our newest solution – Rare Conditions Care ValueSM program – will proactively guide patients to the most effective care, while protecting plans against unexpected and staggering costs. Enroll by August 1, 2018 to start gaining benefits from this program upon launch (January 1, 2019).

Rare Conditions Care ValueSM Program

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To Protect Your Plan and Members

Value in healthcare goes beyond cost savings. That’s why the Express Scripts SafeGuardRx® suite of condition-specific solutions is designed to provide specialized, individualized care while reducing the cost of treatment and ensuring patients have access to the medications they need.

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To Understand How a Second Opinion Results in First-Class Outcomes

Get access to Second Opinion from specialists who advise on the patient’s specific condition, provide validation of diagnosis or make recommendations for the most effective, alternative treatment options. 77% of these engagements lead to more appropriate changes in diagnosis, therapy regimen or treating physician.6

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