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To See People with Rare Potential, Not a Rare Disease

Rare conditions are heartbreaking when viewed through the eyes of patients. Their own discovery of the condition typically takes several years, and in that time, confusion and stress mount as patients may need to travel the country looking for answers. Misdiagnoses are common, as well as hospital visits and complications.

Over time, patients and their families can become partners to their clinical teams, experts on their conditions and advocates for treatment advancements. But the lack of adequate treatment options and research have a profound effect: Three-quarters of patients with a rare condition experience feelings of depression at some point.1

A robust pipeline provides hope

The robust pipeline of new drugs offers patients a new outlook on life. Hope for a viable treatment option, hope to live longer or hope for a better quality of life.

1 of every 3 new FDA-approved drugs is for an orphan designation2

The Patient Perspective: A Diagnosis Full of Surprises

Experience life living with hereditary angioedema (HAE):

At any moment, my abdomen, neck and fingers can suddenly swell up. Sometimes my feet and lips swell so much that I can’t wear shoes and can barely speak.

These attacks are very scary and dangerous. Without treatment, they can last for days. Not long ago, an attack like that would almost always send me to the hospital. Luckily, the medicines today are incredible, and some work in hours instead of days!

My Accredo specialist pharmacist taught me how to give myself injections at home. At times when I can’t use my hand due to the swelling, an Accredo nurse will come to the house right away to do the injection. Although I’ll continue to have challenges, support like this has given me hope.

Hereditary angioedema is a condition that can cost $2.2M a year for one patient.3 Its effect on families is life-changing and, like any rare condition, it will impact your plan significantly.

As the list of approved treatments continues to grow, so does the chance that your plan may need to cover one.

Our latest addition to the SafeGuardRx suite of solutions, Rare Conditions Care ValueSM is committed to protect your plan from these unexpected, staggering costs. The program will proactively limit your plan’s exposure through financial protections, cost savings and driving towards the lowest-cost drugs. It is designed to adapt to a rapidly changing landscape and will expand to additional rare conditions as needed.

You are automatically enrolled in our Rare Conditions Care ValueSM program. To learn more or enroll in Second Opinion service, contact your account team.

0.3% of patients accounted for 21.3% of total prescription costs.4

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