Level Care: It’s time to level the playing field on prescription drug costs

Level Care is a Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) cooperative like no other. We provide members and their families with high-quality prescription products and services while tackling one of healthcare’s toughest challenges – high costs. It’s that simple.

Through our relationship with Express Scripts, Level Care members have access to pharmacy products and services, a new state-of-the-art specialty pharmacy, mail-in prescription services and our medication infusion center.
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Purchasing power
We use the strength of our cooperative to gain purchasing power. We volume-purchased nearly $750 million worth of prescription drugs and services in 2020. And the more we grow, the more savings we can achieve.
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Saving plans money
We abide by our philosophy of flexibility and transparency to gain efficiency and help participating plans, both large and small, realize significant savings.
Responding quickly
We stay nimble throughout our structure to respond quickly in a changing industry.
A fresh approach
Our PBM cooperative was built by labor leaders, health and welfare plan trustees and fund administrators who were tired of seeing rising costs year after year. The high price of prescription medication hurts members, their families and the health plan.

The Level Care structure
• The savings grow as the number of covered lives expands.
• The expert Clinical Advisory Committee helps guide independent clinical decision-making.
• A responsive Board of Directors means greater oversight and leadership while ensuring we always keep the needs of the members in participating plans at the forefront of decision making.
Level Care’s commitment
• 100 percent member and family focus.
• Trustees retain their independence by using their own professional advisors and maintaining their own plan designs.
• Full access to information and services provided by Level Care.
• Savings that are passed directly through to members and participating plans.
• Trust funds and plans retain maximum flexibility, including the right to terminate without cause.
• Highly competitive pricing and best-in-class service.
• Market expertise for quick response to changing conditions.
Building on the commitment
As Level Care grows, so will the savings realized by participating plans. Growth and savings bring opportunities for new benefit concepts, including a custom retail network, formulary management and direct purchasing from Pharma or a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO).
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Building on the commitment

What our partnership brings to the table

Level Care Pharmacy cooperative offerings
Level Care offers market leading service and pricing to large, medium and small plans, with a low fee to join. Plans always maintain their autonomy because they keep their current benefit design and only add the clinical programs that are selected by the plan’s Trustees.
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Labor-focused account team
Level Care’s participating plans have access to a core account team which consists of experienced health care professionals who understand labor-specific needs and bring tenured knowledge to support complex plans and respond quickly to a plan’s changing needs.
Experienced partner
Level Care leads the way in pharmacy care, specialty pharmacy, data services and clinical, medical and supply chain management. Our commitment to a simpler, more sustainable health care system starts with an unwavering focus on who we serve. We listen to and anticipate every challenge and deliver solutions that meet every individual need.
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Therapeutic Resource Centers
At the heart of our condition-specific approach to care are Therapeutic Resource Centers: pharmacy practices that specialize in caring for patients with the most complex and costly conditions. These centers cover cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, HIV, asthma, depression and many rare and specialty conditions. Therapeutic Resource Centers are designed to optimize the safe and appropriate dispensing of therapeutic agents, minimize waste and improve clinical and financial outcomes.
Our approach to specialty pharmacy
Level Care partners with Express Scripts, which offers the industry’s most comprehensive range of specialty health solutions to improve care for patients and reduce waste for plan sponsors. Express Scripts’ unique approach combines benefit management services with the specialized expertise of our specialty pharmacy, Accredo.

For members with complex or rare conditions treated by a specialty medication, missing even a single dose of medication is simply not an option – a concern that has become even more prevalent in the wake of COVID-19.
Level Care Value Analysis
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Mat Khan
Chief Executive Officer
Level Care
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Las Vegas, NV 89119
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