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Each solution on the Evernorth Digital Health Formulary has been clinically reviewed and evaluated by a panel of pharmacists, physicians, user experience experts and health research PhDs. Solutions are only given the Digital Health Formulary’s seal of approval if they meet our stringent requirements for:

  • Clinical effectiveness
  • Security and privacy compliance
  • Value and affordability
  • A user-friendly experience

We’re here to make digital health click

With more than 200 digital health solutions introduced every day,1 navigating the digital health landscape can be confusing, costly and time-consuming. Because we review new-to-market and existing digital health solutions on your behalf, and recommend only those that meet our strict standards, you’re eliminating that burden while putting life-changing solutions in your members’ hands.

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Making digital health

To drive better health, solutions on the Digital Health Formulary are clinically reviewed and evaluated by a panel of pharmacists, physicians, user experience experts and health research PhDs and demonstrate safety, security and usability.

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Making digital health

We administer end-to-end contracting on behalf of our clients, carefully target members who may benefit from a particular solution through data-driven insights and provide clinical outcomes and engagement reporting.

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Making digital health

Better health means lower downstream costs. And through our position in the marketplace, we encourage competition and drive down costs. End-to-end management saves clients between $100k and $120k in administrative costs2 per implemented solution.

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Making digital health

Solutions are paired with one-on-one personalized support via our Therapeutic Resource Centers® and digital health coaches. This leads to higher medication safety and adherence, and lower downstream medical costs.

A clinically based platform of digital health solutions

The Digital Health Formulary was built to evolve and expand into new clinical areas as solutions come to market. Its streamlined, rigorous review process enables us to bring you digital innovation faster than ever.

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The Digital Health Formulary and Health Connect 360SM: Better, together

Our digital health solutions can be purchased individually, and many are available as part of the most comprehensive clinical care model on the market today, Health Connect 360. Our model identifies relevant, actionable gaps-in-care and health opportunities 30 times faster than a standalone solution.

This advanced analytics engine automatically enhances to include new digital solutions as they are added to our innovation portfolio via the Digital Health Formulary.

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Want to learn more about what digital health means for you and your members?

Zac Goodman, MD, Clinical Innovation Director, explains how the Digital Health Formulary makes going digital less daunting in this episode of Encapsulated, the Express Scripts podcast.

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