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We invite you to visit the Express Scripts LabSM or one of our Accredo® specialty pharmacy locations to discover ways to help reduce costs, test new approaches and improve patient health.

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Join us at your choice of four locations

Take a moment to learn about the Express Scripts Lab and a few of our Accredo specialty pharmacies. In all of these locations, you’ll see our Therapeutic Resource Centers® (TRCs) in action. Our TRCs represent 21 specialized areas of focus and consist of more than a thousand pharmacists and nurses who provide condition-specific care to patients.

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Express Scripts Lab

St. Louis, MO

The Lab houses four unique, highly integrated centers of excellence that work together to generate better solutions, faster:

  • The industry’s leading research and data scientists who will uncover meaningful insights to help you manage your plan’s benefits
  • Specialist pharmacists from five of our TRCs – cardiovascular, diabetes, neuroscience, oncology and pulmonary – enable rapid prototyping of solutions that improve care and enhance the patient experience
  • Experts in behavioral science, interactive design and health communication devise smart, evidence-based solutions
  • User experience (UX) experts provide scalable ways to use UX technology and insights for your plan that result in a better overall patient experience
“Express Scripts combines the practices of human behavior and data science to achieve better outcomes for plans and employees. They are a leader in this space and we look forward to working with Express Scripts on future pilots.”
— IT Service Management Company

Accredo Specialty Pharmacy:
Rare Disease TRC

Memphis, TN

Patients with rare diseases experience compassionate care from specialist pharmacists, nurses and other professionals dedicated to:

  • Serving rare disease patients with on-site specialist pharmacists
  • Securing patient financial assistance
  • Providing 8x longer clinical care time than retail
  • Ensuring a seamless fulfillment process
“Accredo is doing outstanding work on behalf of specialty pharmacy patients. Each experience is tailored to the needs of the patient. We witnessed true pharmacy differentiators.”
— Willis Towers Watson

Accredo Specialty Pharmacy:
Oncology TRC

Whitestown, IN

Oncology patients experience compassionate care from specialist pharmacists, nurses and other professionals dedicated to:

  • Coordinating financial assistance for patients in need
  • Connecting patients with Accredo nurses and unique nutritional support
  • Supporting 2,500+ oncology prescribers through concierge programs
  • Managing exclusive distribution products
“As a health plan we’re always trying to determine whether you get more value out of a big box pharmacy vs. the niche providers when examining specialty conditions like oncology. It seems like Accredo is operating like small pharmacies under a big umbrella – the best of both.”
— Large Health Plan Client

Accredo Specialty Pharmacy:
PAH and Immune Disorders TRC

Warrendale, PA

Patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) and immune disorders experience compassionate care from specialist pharmacists, nurses and other professionals dedicated to:

  • Maintaining 98%+ patient satisfaction through high quality support
  • Coordinating with Accredo infusion nurses to provide in-home care, and managing 24,000+ infusion and inhalation devices
  • Operating a state-of-the-art compounding suite, with a staff that’s received 160+ hours of specialized training
  • Ensuring a seamless fulfillment process
“We were able to see their clinical model come to life and began to understand the true depth of expertise and passion of their teams … this visit made us that much more certain that we’re with the right partners”
— PepsiCo

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