The cost of managing a chronic condition has gotten too high.

You’ve taken steps to keep your members healthy and to protect them from rising drug costs. Still, the high price tag for life-saving therapies has grown into a serious problem that continues to have a real impact on people’s lives, health and wellbeing.

Together, we can help patients living with diabetes move a step closer to better health care.

Rx drug
costs up 54%

2006-2016 for total patient
out‑of‑pocket spending1

1 in 4 people
admit to rationing insulin
due to cost2

Nonadherent members with
diabetes incur an average of
$5,427 more per year
in care expenses3


can increase the risk of eye,
kidney and nerve complications,
requiring otherwise avoidable
medical treatments

Introducing the Patient Assurance ProgramSM

A step closer to…

  • We worked with pharmaceutical manufacturers to ensure more value goes toward cost reduction at the point-of-sale, so members have predictable out‑of‑pocket costs throughout the year and pay no more than $25 per 30-day insulin Rx.

  • When a member fills a prescription for a preferred product in the Patient Assurance Program, they pay the reduced out‑of‑pocket amount at the point‑of‑sale for both home delivery and in-network retail pharmacies.

  • By removing cost as an access barrier to insulin, we can improve adherence and help plans contain the total cost of care for patients living with diabetes.

  • Together, we can change the medication affordability story and make a meaningful difference for your members.

A step closer to better predictability

How does this work for my plan?

In order to provide members with immediate access to this predictable $25 out‑of‑pocket cost per 30-day preferred insulin Rx, even prior to their deductible being satisfied, plans will need to provide first-dollar coverage for preferred insulin products. If your current member cost share for insulin is less than $75, there will be no additional cost to your plan or your members. If your current member cost share is more than $75, your plan will need to agree to lower the member’s cost share for preferred insulin products to $75 or below to participate in the program.

If you have questions about how this specifically applies to your plan, please contact your account representative.

We made it simple

After enrollment, you will receive a toolkit to communicate this benefit update to your members, so it’s easy to share the good news across your organization.

A step closer to healthier lives

Committed to helping
people with diabetes live
Healthier lives

The Patient Assurance Program is another innovative way we’re delivering on our long-standing commitment to helping people with diabetes live healthier lives. From high-touch engagement through our specialist pharmacists to diabetes prevention and management programs, we are dedicated to finding novel solutions to improve health and lower the total cost of care.

While currently focused on diabetes, the Patient Assurance Program serves as a pathway for the future to address other therapeutic areas where members may be exposed to high medication costs.

Contact your account executive for more information.